Lost Horizon Background

Lost Horizon Background

The novel Lost Horizon was written in 1933. It was the first book published in “pocket-book” forma and was regarded to be one of the most popular books of the early 20th century. Even the American president F. D. Roosevelt named the Presidential hideaway in Maryland after Shangri-La.

This text is divided into two parts: the first narrative is told by a neurologist Woodford Green, and the second one is the third-person narration with the main hero Hugh Conway, but it was written by Woodford Green’s friend – a novelist Rutherford.

The author writes about such themes as the meaning of time in a man’s life, faith and its different interpretations for everybody, culture and mentality of Lamas, their differences from the Europeans and some other topics, which are important and interesting for every adult (and that is why actually the book became so popular in the world). The book was adapted in two films (1937 and 1973 years of release), it was broadcasted on the radio channels in the United States. It won the Hawthornden Prize in the 1930s.

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