Look Back in Anger

Look Back in Anger Glossary


The Anglican Church is the largest Protestant denomination in Britain.

Angry Young Man

An Angry Young Man was a term given to a group of mid-twentieth century British writers who exhibited anger and frustration with modern British culture. Jimmy Porter is the model Angry Young Man.


Chivalry is the medieval term related to the institution of knighthood. It is often related to virtues such as bravery and self-sacrifice.


A cockerel is a young rooster.

Dark Ages

The "Dark Ages" is a term for medieval European society.

Edwardian Age

The Edwardian Age corresponds to the height of the British empire and colonial expansion at the beginning of the twentieth century.


A flat is a British term for a small apartment.


A term to denote one that bends or bows at the knees.


H-bomb is a short hand term for hydrogen bomb.

half crown

A half crown is a denomination of British currency.


This term alludes to one of Britain's most important exports from their Indian colonies - rubber.


A Liberal is a member of the Liberal British political party. This party is in opposition to the more conservative Tory party.


A misogynist is a person who shows a hatred towards women. Jimmy Porter's character has been criticized for his misogynistic attitudes.


Parliament is the democratic governing body of the United Kingdom.

Port Said

Port Said is an Egyptian shipping port on the Suez Canal. The Canal was an integral British shipping territory in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.


Posh is a British term for "trendy," or "popular."


Pusillanimous is a negative connotation for a mean spirited or cowardly person.

Sweet Stall

A sweet stall is a small shop that sells candy and other confectionaries.


To be sycophantic is to be a servile self-seeker who attempts to gain advantage by flattering important people.


The Victorian Age was a period in British history in the late nineteenth century of great British expansion and cultural influence.


A Welsh person is a person from the country of Wales. It often denotes a working class background.