Lonesome Dove Quotes


"(Newt)felt grown and complete for the first time in his life"

The narrator, chapter 9

In chapter 9, Call and his men go to try and steal some horses from a Mexican across the border. Newt is told to come as well and what is even more he is given a gun. The narrator observes this moment and notes that for Newt, it was something special. By giving him the gun, the others acknowledged the fact that Newt was no longer a boy and that he was a capable man who could take care of himself and others. Thus, the moment has a great significance for Newt who feels appreciated and complete for the first time in his life.

"He was one of those men somebody had to take care of"

The narrator, chapter 17

Despite her profession, Lorena is still a dreamer who hopes that one day will find her prince charming to take her away and take care of her. Because of this, she continued to wait for the right man to show up and take care of her. When Jake appeared, Lorena felt in love with him and began thinking that maybe he will be the one to save her from the little town she felt trapped in. She soon learned however that instead of being the powerful man, Jack was actually just a child that needed to be taken care of. Because of this, Lorena stopped believing that he will save her and began thinking instead of what she can do to save herself. From that point one, Lorena no longer saw her sexuality as a curse but rather as a blessing that can help her get out of tough situations.

"I'll be your whore"

Gus, chapter 45

From the beginning, Gus shows himself to be interested in Lorena. Even though the other characters laugh at him because he feels affection for a whore, he still shows compassion towards her. It is implied that for Gus, Lorena’s attention and affection was more important than the sexual favors she could offer him and that he truly loved her. Gus tries to take care of her and protect her even when Lorena does not want him to and goes as far as to tell her that he will be her whore, that is that he is willing to do anything for her just to make her happy and to be by her side.

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