Loaded Background

Loaded Background

First published in 1995, Loaded is a novel by Christos Tsioklas, an Australian author of Greek heritage. The novel focuses on a 24-hour period in the life of a young gay Greek Australian man living in Melbourne, where Tsioklas himself was born and raised. When the manuscript was initially presented to an independent publisher, it was rejected for being "racist and homophobic." The novel's controversy carried on after its publication for its themes of drug use, sex, nihilism and misanthropy. However, despite widespread criticism, Loaded was also commended for its power and energy.

In 1998, the novel was adapted into a drama film by director Ana Kokkinos, a lesbian Greek Australian director also from Melbourne. The film, titled Head On, was also controversial for its sexual explicitness, including an infamously graphic masturbation scene. Nevertheless, Head On received many positive reviews from critics, in addition to various awards and nominations.

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