Little Women

Little Women Character List


Margaret is the oldest of the March sisters. In Book I, she hopes to conquer her vanity and do her work cheerfully. In Book II, she marries John Brooke and has twins, Daisy and Demi.


Josephine is the second oldest March sister. She is a writer and a tomboy. Jo is modeled after Louisa May Alcott herself. She famously cuts and sells her hair to help her sick father. Though best friends with Laurie, she eventually marries Professor Bhaer and opens a school for boys.


Elizabeth is the third eldest sister. She is a quiet, selfless, shy girl, who only wishes to be at home with her family. She loves music and plays the piano. In Book I, Beth gets scarlet fever, and recovers, though in Book II she dies.

Also the name of Laurie and Amy’s daughter.


The youngest, Amy is the pet of the family. She loves art and is quite vain, but learns to be elegant, kind, and generous. Always planning to marry rich, she considers but rejects Fred Vaughn and marries Laurie.


The girls’ name for Margaret March, mother of Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy.


Mr. March is a philosopher and pastor. During the war, he serves as a chaplain for the Union Army. A good man, but very unworldly, he is modeled after Bronson Alcott, Louisa’s father.


The faithful servant and cook who is generally treated like a family member.


The family of poor German immigrants who live near the Marches. On Christmas Day, the March girls give up their breakfast to this family. Beth gets scarlet fever from them.

Mr. Laurence or Grandfather

The March family’s wealthy neighbor. He was good friends with Mrs. March’s father, and becomes dear friends with all the Marches. He is especially close with Beth and gives her a piano.


Theodore Lawrence, called Laurie by most or Teddy by Jo, is Mr. Laurence’s nephew. He becomes a close friend and brother to the girls, particularly Jo. Without parents, he is largely influenced by the morals of the girls and their mother. After pining after Jo, but being refused, Laurie marries Amy.

Mr. Brooke

John Brooke is Laurie’s tutor. He accompanies Mrs. March to Washington when Mr. March is sick, and he woos and marries Meg.


The rat in the garret where Jo writes.


Beth’s most cherished doll, who once belonged to Jo.

Aunt March

Great Aunt March is Mr. March’s aunt. Rather old and cranky, she first has Jo as her companion, then Amy. She disapproves of how the girls are raised, but occasionally finds ways to be generous, funding Amy’s trip abroad and leaving Plumfield to Jo when she dies.

King Family

The wealthy family Meg for whom Meg is a governess. Their family woes cause Meg to see that money cannot bring happiness.

Mr. Davis

The teacher at Amy’s school. His corporal punishment of Amy for bringing pickled limes to school causes Mrs. March to withdraw her.

Mrs. Gardiner

Mother of Sallie. She invites Meg and Jo to a New Year’s Ball.

Annie Moffat

A wealthy friend of Meg’s, who invites Meg to stay for a fortnight with her.

Belle Moffat

Annie's sister, who dresses Meg up for the party at the end of the fortnight at Annie Moffat’s.

Clara Moffat

Annie and Belle's eldest sister.

Sallie Gardiner

A wealthy friend of Meg’s, of whose luxurious lifestyle Meg is very envious. At one point, she tempts Meg into buying silk for a dress, which she cannot afford. Sallie marries Ned Moffat.

Ned Moffat

Annie’s brother who likes Meg and tries to dance and flirt with her. Marmee disapproves, and he marries Sallie Gardiner.

Major Lincoln

A gentleman at the Moffats’ parties who says Meg’s friends have made a fool and a doll of Meg when they dress her up.

Kate Vaughn

The eldest of four children who comes to visit Laurie. She is quite proper and looks down on the independent Americans.

Fred Vaughn

A rich friend of Laurie’s. When he is young he cheats at croquet, but when he is older, he entertains Amy abroad, and she almost accepts his marriage proposal.

Frank Vaughn

Brother of Fred, with a lame leg due to an accident. Beth overcomes her bashfulness to talk to him out of pity.

Grace Vaughn

The youngest Vaughn, she and Amy get along well.


One of the Hummel children, who helps Meg run errands when she is married.

Dr. Bangs

The doctor who treats Beth when she has scarlet fever.


Aunt March’s maid. French and Catholic, Esther is kind to Amy during her stay, witnessing her will, practicing French, and setting up a chapel where Amy can pray.


Aunt March’s terror of a parrot.

Kitty Bryant

Amy’s best friend when she is young, whose ring she envies.

Miss Crocker

An elderly woman from town who gossips, so the girls call her "Croaker." She calls during Marmee's experiment leaving the girls to cook for themselves, to everyone's dismay.

Miss Randal

A girl Laurie likes for a while in college, about whom the girls tease him.

Flo or Florence

The girls’ cousin, and Mary Carrol’s daughter. Amy has to wear Flo’s ugly hand-me-down clothes when she is young, but Amy enjoys traveling with Flo abroad.

Aunt Carrol

The girls’ aunt, she invites Amy to travel overseas with her family.


One of Laurie’s many college friends who pines after Amy.

Meg Chester

One of Amy’s friends. Meg and Amy have a falling out at the art fair, but make up through Amy’s kindness.

Mrs. Chester

Meg’s mother, who rudely asks Amy to work another table at the art fair in order to favor her own daughter.


Meg and John’s daughter, actually named Margaret, a sweet-tempered angel.


Meg and John’s don, actually named John but nicknamed “Demijohn” by Laurie, an inquisitive and mischievous boy.

Mrs. Kirke

One of Marmee’s friends who runs a boarding house in New York. Jo goes to work for Mrs. Kirke and teach her daughters.


Mrs. Kirke's daughter.


Mrs. Kirke's daughter.

Mr. Dashwood

The editor of the Weekly Volcano where Jo anonymously submits sensation stories in New York.

Mr. Bhaer

Friedrich, or Fritz, is a German professor who tutors at the boardinghouse in New York. He befriends Jo, and eventually marries her.


Mr. Bhaer’s nephew, whom he promised his sister he would care for.


Mr. Bhaer’s nephew, whom he promised his sister he would care for.


The young daughter of the ironing woman at the boarding house, she is a great fan of Mr. Bhaer’s.

Miss Norton

A young, rich woman at the boardinghouse who is kind to Jo and takes her to a literary symposium.


Jo’s name for Laurie, also the name of her youngest son.


Jo’s elder son, named for Jo’s father.