Literary Theory: An Introduction Background

Literary Theory: An Introduction Background

Over the course of a star-studded career, Terry Eagleton has carved out a role as a pre-eminent literary theorist, critic and academic. His Literary Theory: An Introduction, first published in 1983, has sold over half a million copies, proving it to be one of the most significant contributions to the field of English literature studies.

In it, Eagleton - who has held posts at Cornell, Yale, Duke, and Oxford Universities and now serves as Distinguished Professor of English Literature at Lancaster University - outlines for the reader a number of current critical frameworks, such as Psychoanalysis. A staple text on university curricula, the text reflects Eagleton's Marxist approach to literary criticism, one that has made him and his work a focus of debate in the field of English literature.

Undoubtedly a key contribution to the study of English literature, Eagleton's Literary Theory continues to inspire debate and inform new generations of students of key approaches to reading literature.

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