Lion (2016 Film) Characters

Lion (2016 Film) Character List

Saroo Brierley

Saroo is the protagonist of the story. He vanishes from his village after getting onto a stationary train at the station and falling asleep on it, only to find that he was on the way to Calcutta, and unable to get home. Living on his wits, Saroo is able to stay out of harm's way but listening to his gut which seems remarkably intuitive for a child as young as he is. When he moves to Tasmania he assimilates easily and is to all intents and purposes an Australian with Indian heritage. He does not ever stop thinking about his biological family but it is not uppermost in his mind until he is in his twenties, and reminded of his childhood by the taste of a traditional Indian dessert. Once he starts to seek his village out on Google Earth, he begins to think more about his birth family and to feel terrible guilt about the distress them must have suffered when he disappeared.

Saroo is able to ultimately unify both sides of his heritage by introducing his biological mother to his adoptive mother which brings him a kind of closure in his search for his true identity.

Sue Brierley

Sue and her husband adopt Saroo from an orphanage in Calcutta. He has always assumed that they adopted because they were unable to have children; it turns out that Sue was able to have children of her own but chose not to because she believed that her job was to help those who needed it and because she also believes that there are more than enough people in the world already.

Sue is wholeheartedly supportive of Saroo's search for his biological mother and encourages his journey. She also goes very willingly with him to meet his birth mom. She is never anything but supportive of her son and wants only for him to be happy.

John Brierley

John is Saroo's adoptive father and there is never one day of Saroo's life when he treats him as anything other than his own son. He and his wife determined to make a difference in the life of a young child who needed them. His relationship with Saroo is always very positive, his relationship with Saroo's adopted brother, Mantosh, is less easy, but he continues to try to reach him and help him to settle into his new life.

Guddu Khan

Saroo's biological brother is older than he is, and the two get along extremely well. The steal coal from the back of trains so that they can exchange it for milk and food When he takes Saroo to the train station with him on the day Saroo goes missing, he does not return to his brother, and this is because he has been killed when a train hits him at the station. He is extremely important to Saroo and even after he has died he is still somewhat of a guiding light to him.

Mantosh Brierley

After the Brierley's adopt Saroo, they adopt another little boy, Mantosh. He does not find it as easy to get used to his new life, and his adjustment period is far longer and more contentious.


Lucy is an American and is Saroo's first serious girlfriend. Their relationship for a while is on again / off again but they rekindle their romance after Saroo starts searching seriously for his birth family. She is extremely supportive of his search and this brings them much closer together.

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