Like Water for Chocolate

Like Water for Chocolate Character List


The maid for the De la Garza family. Chencha is best known for her tendency to embellish stories.

The 'Chinaman'

Helps the family obtain French silk during the revolution for Rosaura’s nuptial sheets.

Don Pascual

Pedro Muzquiz’s father.

Father Ignacio

The parish priest. Father Ignacio tells Mama Elena that Gertrudis is employed in a brothel.


Tita’s sister. She runs away from home one day with one of Pancho Villa’s soldiers. She later becomes a General in the army.

Dr. John Brown

The De la Garza family’s doctor. Dr. Brown is a widow and father of Alex. He proposes to Tita and rescues her from Mama Elena’s confining household.


Gertrudis’ and Tita’s teacher.

Juan Alejandrez

Juan is one of Pancho Villa’s soldiers. He comes to the ranch and carries Gertrudis away in a fit of passion. He later marries Gertrudis.


Roberto’s wet nurse and relative of Nacha. She is killed by a stray bullet.

Mama Elena

Mother of Tita, Rosaura, and Gertrudis De la Garza and widow of Juan De la Garza. Ranch owner. An incredibly strict and rigid woman, her gaze strikes many with fear.


The De la Garza’s partially deaf cook. Nacha raises Tita after Tita’s father dies and becomes like a mother to her. Nacha dies the day of Rosaura’s wedding with a picture of her fiancé in her hands but her ghost later appears to help comfort Tita.


Manager of the ranch, Tita sends him to bring clothes to Gertrudis at the brothel.

Paquita Lobo

One of the De la Garza family’s neighbors.

Pedro Muzquiz

Tita’s lover. When he asks for Tita’s hand in marriage Mam Elena denies him so he agrees to marry Rosaura instead. Fathers Roberto and Esperanza.


The ranch dog on the De la Garza ranch.


Tita’s Nephew and Pedro and Rosaura’s first child. He dies in infancy.

Rosalio and Guadalupe

Farmhands on the De la Garza ranch.

Rosaura De la Garza

Tita’s sister. She marries Pedro, Tita’s lover, and gives birth to two children, Roberto and Esperanza.


Another of the De la Garza’s dogs. Father of Pulque.

Tita De la Garza

Great aunt of the narrator. She is the youngest of the De la Garza women and, according to tradition, she cannot marry until after her mother’s death. She is the main character of the work.


Nicholas’ son and helper on the ranch.


A 70 year old woman from North America who manages Dr. Brown’s kitchen and cares for his son.


Dr. Brown’s son. He marries Rosaura and Pedro’s daughter Esperanza.


Rosaura and Pedro’s second child. The narrator’s mother. She marries Dr. Brown’s son, Alex.

José Treviño

Mama Elena’s half-black lover whom she is forbidden to marry. He is the Gertrudis’ genetic father.