Les Belles Soeurs Glossary

Les Belles Soeurs Glossary


to insult


a deep dislike


to worry


to condemn


quickly fading or disappearing


to squirm


cause extreme pain


me (pronounced "moy", which is how the word was pronounced in Renaissance-era French. The pronunciation survives in some of the colonial dialects of French including Joual)


to take hold of, as by the wrist. Also a colloquialism meaning to pick somebody up at a club.

demander son dû

to ask for or insist upon what is owed to one. In the context of a husband interacting with his wife, the phrase means to insist on sexual relations.


a mild expletive, a corruption of either "bon Dieu" meaning "good God" or "bons yeux" meaning "the good (God's) eyes". In Québec, the strongest expletives relate to religious subjects.


a slang term for excrement, too vulgar to be used in polite conversation, but occasionally used as a mild expletive


accursed, disliked, ill-favored, or lacking in blessings. The adjective in the feminine form has an -e at the end.


I (first person, singular). In international French, the word is "je", with a noticeable vowel after the consonant. The contraction form, j', is used only before vowels. However in Joual only the contraction form is used regardless of whether the next word begins with a consonant. Omitting the vowel in frequently used words such as "je", "ce", or "c'est" is one of the characteristics of Joual.


there is, or there exists. This is the Joual form of the French phrase "il y a" which is also used to refer to past events.


boy (shortened Joual form of "garçon")

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