Last Sacrifice Literary Elements

Last Sacrifice Literary Elements


Action, Romance, Fantasy

Setting and Context

Pennsylvania at Court, Montana, Prison centre

Narrator and Point of View

told from the first person perspective. The narrator is Rosemarie Hathaway.

Tone and Mood

Violent, funny

Protagonist and Antagonist

Rose is the protagonist who tries to protect Lissa from any threats, especially the Strigoi. The main antagonist is the person trying to frame Rose for the murder of the Queen.

Major Conflict

The major conflict comes when Rose and Dimitri battle with Victor and Robert in a violent scuffle.


The is when Rose gets shot in order to save Lissa and ends up surviving but as a result she loses her spirit connection to Lissa.


When Rose is about to reveal the real murderer she looks at Christian first and this foreshadows the real killer to be his aunt Tasha.




There are many allusions to good and evil, and this is represented by the Moroi and Strigoi. It could be an allegory for the idea of evil existing in this world, caused by the fall of Eve. The idea of Original Sin is presented by the idea that much like Eve was tempted, Moroi are tempted by the immortality that comes along with turning into a Strigoi.


The violent image of Victor being brutally attacked by Rose makes the reader flinch at the brutality that comes along with being a Guardian.





Metonymy and Synecdoche




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