Lady Windermere's Fan

Lady Windermere's Fan Character List

Lord Windermere

Lord Windermere plays a major role in the play. Society sees him as the perfect man and great husband. He is the center of the conflict because there are rumors being spread about him. The rumors are he is sleeping with Mrs. Erlynne. The whole play the reader is left wondering if they are true or not.

Lady Windermere

She is the wife of Lord Windermere and the mother of his child. She tends to forget her duties as a mother and starts to think of leaving her husband because of the rumors going around the town. She is the daughter of Mrs. Erlynne but never actually finds out about that herself. The play takes place during her twenty-first birthday party.

Lord Darlington

He is good friends with Lord and Lady Windermere. He is a charming bachelor in society. He has feelings for Lady Windermere. He goes along with the rumors to try to get Lady Windermere to leave with him.

Lord Augustus Lorton

He is a sweet, older man. He is in love with Mrs. Erlynne. He allows her to tell him what to do and he doesn't mind it one bit. He just wants to have a women by his side and spend the rest of his life with someone.

Mr. Dumby

He is a minor character. He is the typical Englishman of high society.

Mr. Cecil Graham

He is a supporting character. He is very eccentric. He is part of high society but he is not like the other men. He has a witty sense of humor.

Mr. Hopper Parker

He is an Australian businessman in high society. He is in love with the Duchess of Berwick's daughter Lady Agatha. He is an outsider in the London high society because he is Australian.

Duchess of Berwick

She is considered a noblewoman by high society. She is a talkative person and highly interested in scandal and drama.

Lady Agatha Carlisle

The Duchess of Berwick's daughter, who throughout the whole play only says two words: "Yes Mamma." She is in love with Mr. Hopper.

Lady Plymdale

She is the typical London woman of high society. She thinks highly of herself and behaves in an acceptable manner.

Lady Stutfield

A minor character who says a few lines. She is a typical representation of a woman of high society.

Lady Jedburgh

A minor character in high society who says a few witty lines. She is always in the background of scenes during the party talking incessantly.

Mrs. Cowper-Cowper

She flutters around during the play. She doesn't say much as a very minor character. She does what she needs to do to stay a part of high society.

Mrs. Erlynne Rosalie

A woman in her forties who left her husband years ago. The town knows her as a loose woman. They all judge her and have labeled her as a woman who sleeps with married men. The conflict in the movie is Lord Windermere is paying her off but for what purpose? The reader doesn't find out until the very end that she is the mother of Lady Windermere. Lord Windermere pays her off so she doesn't come out and ruin Lady Windermere's reputation. She starts out the play as a conniving woman but towards the end redeems herself and helps out her daughter.