Lady Susan Background

Lady Susan Background

English writer Jane Austen wrote in the genre of realism; she also liked to use satire in her works and wrote novels about morals. Her books are considered masterpieces around the world, and each generation reads them with ecstasy. What is the secret of this writer? The fact is that Jane Austen wrote in an individual manner: she did not seek to please someone and squeeze into certain literary frameworks. Her books are sincere, simple, deep and psychological novels, in the heroes of which each reader recognizes himself. It is impossible not to mention the original English humor - soft, ironic, which has a note of good banter.

The novel Lady Susan is written in an epistolary style. It narrates about a complex history and complex characters. This novel in the letters was written at the very beginning of the difficult creative path of Austen. Though young, Austen created an amazing story, which is not typical for her then-old age. Many are struck by deep psychologism and detailed penetration into the character and characteristics of each major figure of the story.

Apparently, the writer did not plan to publish the book. Jane Austen never offered it to publishers, unlike other of her works. A copy of the novel of 1805 was preserved in the version in which the author most likely would like to publish it. This assumption is expressed by most researchers in the work of Jane Austen. It was in this form that the book was published. The novel in the letters tells about the bilious widow, who by all methods achieves the set goals. The whole story consists of 41 letters.

The book Lady Susan is one of the first works of Jane Austen. It's amazing how much psychology the author has put in story at the very beginning of her creative activity. In subsequent works, Austen seldom resorted to depicting such contradictory characters. As a rule, she paid more attention to the inner experiences of modest, intelligent heroes who did not aspire to take a prominent place in society or get a rich husband.

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