La Strada Essay Questions

Essay Questions

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    What does Gelsomina represent?

    Gelsomina is the living embodiment of soul or the heart in this film. Thus, the connection that she has for Zampano is deep so, when Zampano kills The Fool and leaves Gelsomina, Fellini is saying that the heart cannot live outside of the body and when the heart dies the body feels it. Which is why Zampano cries at the end of the film. His heart has been removed and he finally feels something for another person in his life.

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    What does the title mean and what is its relation to the film?

    La Strada means "The Road." Fellini uses this word as a metaphor for the road of life, that this is a straight forward journey down a singular path with multiple stops. The road is where Gelsomina and Zampano are transformed in different, but lasting ways.

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    How did Anthony Quinn get the role of Zampano?

    Quinn had met Giullietta Masina while filming Donne Proibite (Angels of Darkness) with her. She introduced Quinn to her husband, Federico Fellini and he insisted that Quinn was his Zampano. But Quinn didn't see it, he actually wasn't going to do it, but Fellini hounded the actor for days and finally wore him down to say yes, which led to the actor taking the part.

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