Kim Background

Kim Background

Kim by Rudyard Kipling was first published in McClure's Magazine and then Cassell's Magazine before finally being published as a book by Macmillan and Co. Ltd. in October 1901. Kim is set during the period of conflict between Great Britain and Russia in Central Asia, called The Great Game, after the second Afghan War but before the third one. The term “The Great Game” became popular because of the novel.

The book has been praised for its detailed portrait of people, culture, and religion in India. Kipling was able to include such detail in the book because he was born and raised in India until being sent away to England at the age of six. Kipling then returned to India at the age of 17 and remained there for a decade before marrying his wife and moving away. When in India as a young man, Kipling secured a job writing for a newspaper and used it as an excuse to dive back into the culture of India, the beloved country of his early childhood. Kipling's experiences in India formed the backbone of many of his novels, including Kim.

Considered one of Kipling's best novels, Kim has been recognized and honored many times since being published. In 1998 it was ranked by Modern Library as 78th out of 100 on its best English novels of the 20th century list. In 2003 it was reported by BBC to be the UK's best-loved novel. Kim has been adapted into a movie and has even been the inspiration for other writers, like Steven Gould.

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