Jurassic Park Background

Jurassic Park Background

Jurassic Park is a science fiction novel written by Michael Crichton in 1990. Originally intended as a screenplay, Crichton began Jurassic Park in 1983 about a university student who recreates a dinosaur. Given the financial resources that would be required to genetically engineer such a herculean feat, Crichton decided to change the motivation to be a "desire to entertain" and set the story in a wildlife park featuring dinosaurs.

Overall, Jurassic Park tells a harrowing tale about the dangers of genetic engineering. Crichton pens seven sections of the destruction of an exotic theme park showcasing dinosaurs brought back through genetic engineering. A sequel to Jurassic Park, The Lost World, was published in 1995.

Jurassic Park is widely considered to be Crichton's most popular work to date and was received praise by both critics and readers alike. Crichton's novel received even more fame after acclaimed director Steven Spielberg adapted the book into a film of the same name in 1993 as well as the sequel in 1997. Two other movies by other directors were also created, inspired by the original two books.

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