Director's Influence on Juno

Jason Reitman is known for a very realistic style of filmmaking. Coming from a show business family, Reitman knew what it took to make a feature film and has sought out projects that reflect his taste and discernment. Having made a number of short films and declining offers to direct commercial feature films, Reitman developed a style focused on story and character development.

After stumbling upon Diablo Cody's truly singular screenplay, Reitman set to work telling the story of the intrepid young mother, Juno. Of the screenplay, Reitman said, "There's a dead honesty that you don't get in most movies." This honesty was integral to his direction of the film and informed his desire to transmit the story with a truthfulness and playfulness that reflects life as it is. Reitman used a dancefloor technique with dolly shots in the film, similar to how directors would shoot in the 40s and 50s, which allowed him to create a giant mastershot and not have to cut away to medium or close shots of the actors too soon.

Reitman is also particularly committed to grounding his characters. He gives them homes that are filled with a history and backstory. Thus, we see the importance of art design in his films in order to reveal story and character, which contributes to the feeling of realism in his films. When asked about how he felt about the film after shooting, Reitman expressed his pride in the finished product, saying, "When I read it, I thought it was perfect and I just thought, I want to be the guy that gets to tell this story."