Jungle of Cities

Jungle of Cities Character List

George Garga

A book clerk, he accepts Shlink's challenge to a duel by declaring his right to freedom over his own opinions. In order to defeat Shlink, he will sacrifice his family and go to jail for several years. He wins at the end but realizes that his life was happiest while engaged in the fight with Shlink.

John Garga

George Garga's father, he and the rest of his family depend on George for income. Shlink moves in with the family after Garga leaves in order to help support them. When Garga chooses to go to jail, the family falls apart, with the mother leaving and the sister Marie becoming a prostitute.

Mae Garga

George Garga's mother, she leaves the house after Garga decides to go to jail. She is later seen by The Work working as a cleaning woman.

Marie Garga

George's sister, she takes a job with Shlink washing the mens' clothes. She later falls in love with Shlink, but when Garga makes her choose a man to live with she fatefully decides on Manky instead. After losing her virginity she becomes a prostitute. She later comes to Shlink at the end of his life and protects his body.

Jane Larry

Initially George Garga's girlfriend, she becomes a prostitute for The Baboon. After Garga gets money from Shlink he marries her, but that same day he chooses to go to jail. Once he gets out of prison, he tries to convince her to come back to him, but she chooses to remain a whore instead.


Shlink's clerk, he is Chinese. Garga fires him as soon as Shlink hands him the lumber yard.

Collie Couch (The Baboon)

A pimp, he takes Jane Larry and makes her a prostitute.

J. Finnay (The Worm)

A hotel proprietor, he enters Maynes' store and helps to get Garga fired. He later is a commentator on the fight.

Pat Manky

Ship's First Mate, he is in love with Marie Garga but only wants her for sex.

A Salvation Army Officer

In order to get the deed to the lumber yard office building, he allows Shlink to spit in his face. Later he tries to commit suicide.

The Snubnose

An observer of the later stages of the fight; he appears after Garga is released from prison.

The Saloonkeeper

The man in charge of the building where Garga meets Shlink after being released from jail.

C. Maynes

He initially fires George Garga due to the mess that Shlink's men create in his store. Later Garga tries to go back and work for him.