Juneteenth Background

Juneteenth Background

Ralph Ellison is best-known for his first novel called Invisible Man, while his second novel entitled Juneteenth could definitely be considered a classic novel in its own right. Published right after Ellison's death in 1999, Juneteenth (an unofficial holiday in the United States which signifies the end of slavery in the U.S.) was compiled by Ellison's friend, who found incredibly difficult to be compiled as Ellison wrote over 2,000 rather unorganized pages for the book.

Nominally, Juneteenth tells the story of an old, racist Senator called Adam Sunraider, who is one day shot and nearly killed by a group of African-American radicals. As he lay dying in his bed, he asked for black people - people who he proclaimed to hate - to be next to his bed, much to the chagrin of those around him. More broadly, though, Juneteenth is a story about race and about the burgeoning Civil Rights Movement in the United States.

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