Jo Shapcott: Poems Characters

Jo Shapcott: Poems Character List

Jo Shapcott

Shapcott is the recurring narrator and protagonist of her own poems. She writes observationally, about her own real experiences. In this manner, she reveals tidbits about herself. Shapcott takes pride in her British heritage, demonstrating a sort of practical preference for the elegant and the dingy all at once. She doesn't ignore the blatantly terrible parts of the world, but instead looks for beauty in these places as well. This can be seen in poems like "Hairless" where she looks at a bald woman until she sees for herself the dignity of the look in its very vulnerability.

Queen of the Moon

This woman is the subject of "Hairless." Her relationship to the moon is doubtless an association drawn by her baldness. She is a cleaning woman going about her business. In Shapcott's description of her, this woman becomes an exhibition of mental aptitude, revealing her busy mind as if the lack of hair exposed her very brain to the outside world.

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