Jeannette Armstrong: Poetry Background

Jeannette Armstrong: Poetry Background

Born in British Columbia, Canada in 1948, Jeannette Armstrong is a prolific poet, academic and campaigner for the rights of Indigenous peoples. Her works of poetry include 'Breath tracks', and she contributed to the collection 'Voices: Being Native in Canada'.

An active member of the Okanagan Nation, Armstrong serves as a professor of Indigenous studies at the University of British Columbia. Best known for her novel 'Slash', her poetry - including 'Breath tracks' - explores the painful history of Native peoples in Canada and charts the experiences of Indigenous communities in the face of an increasingly globalized world.

Always alert to social and ethical issues, Armstrong remains a passionate activist. Her work as an academic and her career as an activist gives her poetry a strong socio-political quality, exemplifying to us that, in her literary work, the personal is inseparable from the political.

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