Jasmine Characters

Jasmine Character List


The protagonist of the novel. Throughout the book she goes through a spiritual journey, and she is called different names throughout this voyage from India to Iowa. Each name signifies pivotal moments in her life.according to astrologer word she became a widow .she realize it finally that which happens to her in life.

Prakash Vijh

Jasmine's first husband. Jasmine married him while she lived in Hasnapur, India. He is a "modern man, a city man." He worked as a repairman and a bookkeeper at the same time while studying for his diploma exams. Prakash has an intention to go America however, he died in a bomb blast before they go America.


Jasmine’s boss when she lived in New York. Jasmine was his daughter's nanny. She had a love interest with him.

Bud Ripplemayer

Jasmine's second husband. She meets him through his mother in Iowa. He works for a bank, and he becomes paralyzed when he gets shot.

Du Thien

Jasmine and Bud's son. He was fourteen at the age of adoption and he was Vietnamese. However, he was seventeen during the events of the novel.

Darrell Lutz

Jasmine's neighbor while she lived in Iowa. Darrell is infatuated with Jasmine. He is a farmer.


Bud’s ex-wife whom he leaves for Jasmine.


Jyoti's mother. She encourages Jyoti to stay in school three years longer than her sisters.


Jyoti's father.


Jyoti’s grandmother (Pitaji's mother). She doesn't want Jyoti to remain in school. She finds a groom for Jyoti; however, Masterji convinces her family to let her continue with her studies.


Jyoti's teacher. He encourages her to learn English, and to remain unmarried even when her grandmother finds her a groom.

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