Iola Leroy Quotes


you cannot wrong or degrade a woman without wronging or degrading yourself

Eugene Leroy

Under a traditional understanding, when a woman is loved she is the kindest creature in the world. It gives women wings and makes them believe in themselves like Marie and her daughter Iola did. They were in love and were loved and both Leroy and doctor Latimer helped them and shared their ideas because they believed that a real man will never abuse his woman because it means that he abuses himself and his pride.

slavery is a sword that cuts both ways. If it wrongs the negro, it also curses the white man

Eugene Leroy

Slavery is a curse for people both slaves and their masters. It poisons the society and makes it suffer but in a different ways: black people suffer physically and white morally. And there is an issue which one is worse. Humiliating others, we become violent and all good we have inside is dying because a man cant be good for one people and bad for other, he is bad anyway. But, from the other side, repealing of the slavery also damages both white and black ethnic groups. Why? it is clear that white people loose the cheap workers and they have to pay them now, but also black people, who were serving for all their lives, had had the rights and freedom and they don’t know that to do with that and it intoxicates them, they become violent and their desire for revenge is engrossing. So, the reader may conclude that there are always different sides of the same coin.

Riches take wings to themselves and fly away, but a good education is an investment on which the law can place no attachment


Education is one of the biggest necessities in the world, it is even more powerful than money because not all problems in the world can be solved with money and education helps us to understand that. It gives the opportunity to look on this world from another point of view. Educated people are dangerous, because they know what they want and how to get it, and they can cause problems. We can see it in the story, when Iola, who used to think that there is nothing wrong in slavery, has changed her mind and became one of the most powerful strugglers against it. She was educated and she believed that everyone should be, because educated people see the problems and try ti solve them and rich people only live in their dreams without looking around themselves.

Slavery is a serpent which we nourished in its weakness, and now it is stinging us in its strength

Colonel Robinson

Everything on this world has its price and consequences. People do crazy stupid things without realizing what would happen if anything went wrong. The novel shoves us the consequences of slavery for America. These rich masters didn’t believe that one day the great order of things will be destroyed and they will be the one who suffer, they will become victims of their own servants. So, the novel is very didactic, and not only in the case of slavery. It doesn’t matter what we do, there is an inevitable responsibility for everything and we should tale it into account.

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