The setting is a dystopian Chicago in the far future, where Lake Michigan has turned into a giant marsh. The Candor compound surrounds a ruined Merchandise Mart, called by them the "Merciless Mart" due to their unrelenting honesty. The Amity live on farms, located outside a fence that surrounds the city (and keeps the other factions in); their central meeting area is a building with a great tree in the center. The Dauntless compound is the combination of a glass building and a deep cave underneath it, nicknamed "The Pit." The Abnegation sector is a cookie-cutter neighborhood, where "everything looks alike." The Erudite compound is in a futuristic part of the city, including the former site of Grant Park (a sculpture resembling the famous "Cloud Gate" is mentioned in Divergent) and the buildings are very advanced.[5][6][7]

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