Indian Killer Background

Indian Killer Background

Published in 1996, Indian Killer is a fictional novel that takes place in the city of Seattle. During the course of the novel, an outrageous serial killer runs about the city, undetected, scalping all of his victims. The murderer is believed to be a Native American, but other Native Americans in the city say they know nothing about it. The killer earns Native Americans a bad reputation, and realm of hatred for the ethnicity appears.

Born in 1966, Sherman Alexie is a Native American writer and activist for Native American rights. Alexie focuses much of his writing on themes of acceptance and equality, two things that many Native Americans lack the company of. Alexie was born in Seattle and grew up on the Spokane, Washington Reservation, and his writing often focuses on that area. Though Indian Killer was immensely popular, his most famous publication was The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, a collection of short stories.

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