Inception Meme-ception

Inception is a film that helped popularize and re-define the word "inception" in popular culture. Although the dictionary definition is, "the establishment or starting point of an institution or activity," in Nolan's film, the word means planting an idea into someone's brain. In internet culture, the word is often used to refer to anything with a nested structure similar to dreams-within-dreams. The website Know Your Meme reports that there were more Google searches for the word "inception" than there were for "Jesus," "Obama," "iPad," and "Justin Bieber," during the time of the film's initial release (August / September, 2010).

The film is also notable for Hans Zimmer's low, brass-heavy score. Websites exist (such as where one can click a red button that emits Zimmer's trademark blast of ominous brass instrumentation, which has become a staple in many action films.