In the Skin of a Lion

In the Skin of a Lion Glossary


A slaughterhouse.


The act of announcing. When capitalized, it commonly refers to the event in Chrisitanity, the angel Gabriel's announcement to the Virgin Mary of the Incarnation and the feast celebrating this event.


Small “lice” that live on plants, small green insects that live on leaves and branches of plants.


Heavy material placed in such a way as to improve stability and balance, as in the hull of a ship or the basket of an air balloon.


A tar-like substance that remains after burning wood or coal.


a device used to trigger an explosive device.


A crystal made of minerals, consisting of potassium, albite, and anthorite. Patrick's father worked in a feldspar mine, and Harris' desk in the final scene is made of feldspar.


Historical meaning that appears in this novel: before a form. Modern meaning: the application of many forms of science to solve a problem.


A legal concept that one can establish ownership of unowned property through its use.

Kew Beach, Toronto

An amusement park in Toronto between 1907 and 1925. By 1930’s it was turned into boardwalks and shops.


The Northern region of Greece that has, in various times of history, been part of Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo and Serbia.

Muskoka Hotel

Muskoka is a district in southeastern Ontario located on Lake Huron's Georgian Bay. it was a posh resort area for the wealthy in the 1920's-30's.


A golden-yellow or yellowish brown color that comes from earth pigments, or clay.


A circular or oval window at the top of a dome. Also Latin for “eye.”


A series of boat races.


The script in use among the Germanic peoples from the 1st or 2nd century AD.


A small wooden or metal peg used to control the flow of air into, and carbon dioxide out of, a cask of ale. Also used to take maple syrup from trees.


A flowering plant with hard red bulbs that are dried and made into bracelets.


A place where hides are removed from animals and turned into leather.

Venturi tunnel

A tunnel where air is pulled out to decrease pressure and to create a suction.


A type of flowering plant in the broad bean category. This is what Patrick must feed Clara's iguana.


A bridge composed of several small spans.