In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio Glossary

In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio Glossary


Economic process of moving factories to countries where cost of labor is cheaper in order to increase profits.


The ability for indivudals to act as agents of free will in a process of self-determination.


The repetitive pattern which serves to influence the available choices and opportunities made available to a labor force.

cutural capital

The knowledge of cultural norms, expectations, taboos and decorum that forms the skill set required for upwardly mobile movement within a social heirarchy.

culture of terror

The dominating manner in which widespread violence impacts the vulnerability of the affected society.


A Puerto Rican hillbilly.


The person sitting at the top of a heirarchical criminal organization.


The attempt to make a situation that is cuturally foreign to people seem more romantic that it actually is.


Subtle qualities that can often go unnoticed in a description of something, especially a spoken description where certain meanings are conveyed through inflection, body language and gestures.

underground economy

A comprehensive term covering every instance where something is sold without being taxed.


Leadership or authority over others.


A system of rule in which men possess all authority and standard and conventions of society are filtered through masculine ideology.


The mass migration, dispersal or forced displacement of an entire social group.


Systemized racial segregation.


The scientific study of the customs of individual peoples and cultures.


A classless and democratic system.

cutural relativism

Understanding another culture's practices and traditions from the perspective of that culture rather than applying one's own cultural sensibilities and prejudices to it.


Sexism; hatred of women.


Adopting an "us versus them" attitude.

economic stratification

Organizing society according to economic worth as a means of marginalizing and alienating undesirable elements.

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