In Our Time

In Our Time Summary

There are fifteen short stories, or chapters, in the body of In Our Time, and each one begins with a short vignette.

Chapter One follows the story of Nick Adams as a young boy. His father brings him to an Indian camp and helps a woman give birth.

Chapter Two tells how Nick Adams's father gets into an argument with an Indian named Dick Boulton.

Chapter Three follows the story of Nick Adams and his girlfirend Marjorie and details the end of their relationship.

In Chapter Four, Nick Adams and his friend Bill drink alcohol at Bill's house.

Chapter Five tells how Nick gets thrown off of a train and meets an old prizefighter and his friend.

In Chapter Six, an unnamed soldier falls in love with a nurse named Luz.

Chapter Seven tells the story of Krebs, a former soldier, who has trouble adjusting to normal life after his time in the war is finished.

Chapter Eight tells the story of an unnamed man traveling from Budapest to Switzerland, and it is told in the first person.

Chapter Nine tells the story of a couple named Mr. and Mrs. Elliot.

In Chapter Ten, an American couple stays at a hotel in Italy. The wife seems very unhappy and wants a cat desperately.

Chapter Eleven tells the story of Peduzzi, a former soldier who gets drunk and attempts to bring a foreign couple on a fishing expedition.

In Chapter Twelve, Nick Adams and his friend George are on a cross-country skiing trip, and they stop shortly at an Inn.

Chapter Thirteen is narrated in the first person, and the narrator recalls his childhood growing up with his dad, who was a jockey.

The final two chapters tell the story of Nick Adams on a fishing expedition.