In a Grove

In a Grove Imagery

Not a single bird came to sing

Takehiro exclaims, "What perfect silence!" after he stabs himself with Masago's dagger. He appreciates the still and silent bamboo grove, where he cannot hear a single bird sing. The auditory imagery complements Takehiro's description of the setting sun's lonely glow, evoking for the reader how truly deserted the bamboo grove is as Takehiro slowly dies.

Across his ashen face shone a streak of light from the setting sun

Using language that appeals to the visual senses, Masago describes the juxtaposition between a beam of sunlight and the gray appearance of her husband's face. The metaphoric symbol of a setting sun enhances the visual sight of the dying Takehiro.

Even the bandit went pale when he heard her

In this image, Takehiro describes the physical appearance of Tajōmaru's reaction to Masago's request to kill her husband. Takehiro understands that Tajōmaru is also shocked at Masago's betrayal, manifested in the way the blood drains from the bandit's face.