Immortal Background

Immortal Background

Immortal is a Young Adult novel by British author and teacher Gillian Shields. It is the first book in the Immortal series, introducing the character of Evie Johnson, a teenage girl shipped to an elite boarding school who soon finds that there are supernatural forces tying her to a certain boy there.

The protagonist of Immortal is Evie Johnson, a seemingly ordinary teenage girl who is sent on a scholarship to a high society boarding school called Wyldcliffe Abbey School for Young Ladies. Although she dislikes the gloomy, autocratic atmosphere of the school, as well as her elitist classmates, she feels an undeniable attraction towards a young man named Sebastian whom she has a serendipitous encounter with one day. However, she soon begins to suspect Sebastian is more than he seems, and strange events begin to happen in her life that seem to tie them inexorably together.

Immortal was well-received by the public. Fans praised the book for its mixing of supernatural, thriller, and romance. Shields has also written three other installments in the series: Betrayal, Eternal, and Destiny.

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