If I Stay

If I Stay Character List

Mia Hall

Mia is the seventeen-year-old protagonist and narrator of If I Stay. Mia feels that she doesn't quite belong to her family: while they are all blond and like rock music, Mia has dark brown hair and loves classical. She is the only one of her family to survive the car accident that begins the book.


Adam is Mia’s boyfriend. He the frontman of a popular rock band called Shooting Star. He is characterized as being attractive, passionate, and determined.


Kim is Mia's best friend. Though she is strong-willed and combative, Mia is reassured by Kim's matter-of-fact attitude and perseverance.

Mia's mother

Mia's mother is kind and supportive. She offers Mia levelheaded advice about Mia's relationship with Adam. She dies in the car crash that opens the book.

Mia’s father

Once a popular punk-rock musician, Mia’s father gives up his old life and remodels himself as a 1950s-style father figure. He is a source of comfort and encouragement to Mia. He dies in the car crash that opens the book.


Teddy is Mia's younger brother. He is rambunctious and mischievous, but ultimately a source of delight to Mia and her family. Though Teddy's body is taken to the hospital after the crash, Mia later learns that he has died from his injuries.


Willow is Mia's mother's best friend and Henry's partner. She works at the hospital where medics first bring Mia and Teddy after the accident. She later arrives at the hospital in Portland to which Mia is airlifted. As a nurse, Willow is able to help Adam gain access to Mia's bedside.


Henry is Mia's father's bandmate and Willow's partner. He is characterized as helpful but somewhat foolish.

Brooke Vega

Brooke Vega fronts the popular band Bikini, who Adam's band is scheduled to open for the night of Mia's family's car crash. Brooke comes to the hospital to create a distraction so that Adam can sneak into the ICU to see Mia.

Gran (Mia's grandmother)

Mia's grandmother is present at the hospital and Mia's bedside. Gran is a driving force behind Mia's decision to apply to Juilliard. While Mia is comatose, she comforts Mia by rambling on about mundane details of her life.

Gramps (Mia's grandfather)

Mia's grandfather is present at the hospital and Mia's bedside. Gramps is the one who took Mia to her Juilliard audition in San Francisco. When alone with Mia, he lets her know that it is okay to let go if she doesn't want to fight to survive.

Professor Christie

Professor Christie is a retired musician who works as Mia's cello instructor. She encourages Mia to wow the Juilliard selection committee, whom she considers snobs.