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If I Stay Character List


Talented and nothing like her rocker parents, Mia is the protagonist of the book. She likes classical music and this inclination makes her unique. Mia is a high achiever and she plays the violoncello perfectly well, she knows her main goal, and everybody supports her; she isn’t like all nervous and stubborn teenagers, who always escape from the house. Overall, Mia is a devoted and obedient daughter, respects and loves her parents. The car accident has changed her life and way of looking at things, and she becomes stronger and she is able to struggle for life, because Mia has strength of mind.


Adam is Mia’s boyfriend. He is a very popular frontman and rock musician for “The Shooting Star”. He falls in love with Mia because she is very beautiful and kind. He loves her, because she is fragile and tough, quiet and determined, and when Adam has a difficult choice between Mia and music, he chooses Mia. This brave deed proves his sincerity, passion, and strong love.


Kim is Mia's best friend. She is a gifted photographer, and her pictures are alive like, because she likes to take photographs of people with different emotions. When Mia lapses into the coma, Kim worries about her. This is a striking example of a real friendship.

Mia's mom

Mia's mom is a kind and supportive woman, who always solves Mia's problems such as clothes or relations with Adam

Mia’s dad

Mia’s dad is also kind and loves his children very much; he supports Mia's choice of classical music. Both Mia’s mom and dad are modern people, who go with the modern world in step


Teddy (her younger brother) is an obedient child, who adores his sister.

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