Ickabog Character List

King Fred the Fearless

King Fred is a main character of The Ickabog. His title "King Fred the Fearless" is ironic; he gave himself the title after killing a wasp all by himself. He is described as having blonde curly hair and a dramatic mustache. At the beginning of the story, he is much loved by the public, who favor him over the previous ruler, his father. He likes to hunt and spend time with his friends, rather than doing any meaningful work.

Lady Eslanda

The main love interest for King Fred. She is described as being the opposite in looks and attitude to King Fred; she is ‘dark and beautiful’ and loves knowledge and reading. She is secretly in love with a man named Captain Goodfellow.

Lord Spittleworth

One of King Fred’s best friends, who is just as entitled and arrogant. He is described as being very cunning and malicious, having dissuaded King George from marrying Eslanda as he was bitter about her rejecting him.

Lord Flapoon

King Fred's other best friend. Like Lord Spittleworth, he is entitled and arrogant and constantly tries to influence King Fred's actions. He is described as not being as smart or cunning as Lord Spittleworth. He is also quite fat and gluttonous.


Herringbone is King Fred's Chief Advisor. He tries to influence King Fred to do kind things for the citizens of Cornucopia. He is killed by Major Roach after threatening to tell King Fred about Lord Spittleworth's lies.

Daisy Dovetail

Daisy Dovetail is a young girl whose mother dies while working as a servant for King Fred. This makes Daisy angry and sad, and she calls King Fred selfish, vain, and cruel. She is best friends with Bert until they have a fight.

Bert Beamish

Bert is a young boy who is best friends with Daisy until they have a fight. He is the son of two respected servants of King Fred.

Mrs. Dovetail

Mrs. Dovetail is the mother of Daisy and wife of Mr. Dovetail. She is the King's Head Seamstress until she dies while working on an outfit for him.

Major Beamish

Major Beamish is the leader of the King's Royal Guard until his death while hunting the Ickabog. Lord Spittleworth tells everyone he was killed by the Ickabog, but he was actually shot by Lord Flapoon. He is the father of Bert Beamish and the husband of Mrs. Beamish.

Mr. Dovetail

Mr. Dovetail is the husband of Mrs. Dovetail and father of Daisy. He is a carpenter for the king. He is heartbroken after the death of his wife, but he still raises his daughter as best he can.

Mrs. Beamish

Mrs. Beamish is the wife of Major Beamish and mother of Bert. She is the head pastry chef for King Fred. She likes and respects the king until the death of her husband.

Major Roach

Major Roach takes over as the head of the King's Royal Guard after the death of Major Beamish. He is a mean and aggressive man, and his children are also mean to Bert and Daisy at school.

Ma Grunter

Ma Grunter is a drunk, violent woman who runs an orphanage outside of Jeroboam. She becomes rich after Lord Spittleworth takes control of Cornucopia since there are so many orphaned children.