I Think of Thee (Sonnet 29) Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

I Think of Thee (Sonnet 29) Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Wild Vines

The speaker acknowledges the physical distance that separates her and the lover with only thoughts of him to console her. The wild vines represent the fantasies and thoughts that occupy her mind while longing for him. The greenery and vines symbolize the obstructions and interferences that she wishes to get rid of. She affirms that her thoughts are keeping her away from the true reality of her lover of which she craves for.

The Palm-Tree

While the wild greenery represents the unsolicited thoughts, the palm tree symbolizes the lover and their genuine love. Palm trees have bare trunks without vegetation signifying the honest truth without obscurities and false impressions. She desires to see the lover clearly and not only think of him thus alludes to her need for intimacy.

New Air

In the beginning, the speaker thinks of and yearns for her lover and by the end, they are together in the flesh. Her thoughts were driven by unrealistic expectations that suffocated the reality of their romantic relationship. As such, once united they breathe the new air which symbolizes the honest and real chapter of their love. The air is not shrouded by imagination hence it is refreshing and full of joy as they are in each other’s presence.


The poem delves into the realities versus the fantasies that exist in a romantic relationship. The lovers are apart henceforth the speaker dwells in her thoughts to substitute for the absence. She however dislikes the imaginations because they distort and obscure the naked truth of the lover. As a result, she hopes to rid herself of the thoughts once the beloved partner 'renews' his presence.


The speaker yearns for the passion and vulnerability of physical intimacy with her absent partner. She can only gauge their real love in close proximity to each other because distance only fosters illusory thoughts. She appeals to the man to reinstate his presence to free herself from the thoughts that occupy her mind. The poem showcases the power of intimacy in a relationship as the speaker finds comfort in their reunion.

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