I Shall Not Hate Background

I Shall Not Hate Background

I Shall Not Hate (A Gaza Doctor's Journey on the Road to Peace and Human Dignity) was written by Izzeldin Abuelaish, which is a riveting yet heart-breaking account of his life. It was first published during 2010 and was later published during 2011 by Walker and Company. Abuelaish was born and raised in the Gaza strip, a war-torn area dominated by Palestinians. Despite his struggles there, he became a Harvard-educated doctor who has been devoting his life to healing others.

Abuelaish used his medical talent to help heal both Palestinians and Israelis, despite the tension between these two groups. His efforts go beyond healing the flesh as he aims to heal the broken connection these two groups share, advocating peace and humanity. Although he has spent years advocating love over hate, this didn't stop three of his daughters from being murdered by Israelis soldiers during 2009 after intruding the Gaza strip.

Through this book, he details how the strength of his humanitarian spirit prevented him from resorting to hate. The Guardian deemed this memoir an eye-opener for many readers thanks to Abuelaish's ability to withstand violence with a preserved "sense of sanity and humanity." After his daughters' deaths, he went on to found the Daughters for Life Foundation in memory of them, continuing his humanitarian legacy.

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