I Am the Messenger Background

I Am the Messenger Background

Although he is best known for his historical fiction novel The Book Thief, Australian author Markus Zusak has written a number of tremendous novels. Among those novels is I Am the Messenger (2002), which is told through the eyes of its main character, a down-on-his-luck 19 year-old Australian taxi driver named Ed Kennedy. At its core, I Am the Messenger is Ed's story. It takes readers through Ed's life, from the time he stopped an attempted robbery until he received a playing card in the mail.

When it was released, I Am the Messenger received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Writes the Guardian: "I found my perspective of things irrevocably changed after reading this. I would give this book a well-deserved 4/5 stars."

I Am the Messenger has been adapted three times onto the stage in Australia. Once in 2008, next in 2011, and finally in 2015.

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