I Am the Cheese Background

I Am the Cheese Background

A young adult novel by the American writer Robert Cormier, I Am the Cheese (1977) falls under the category of crime fiction and chronicles around the protagonist, Adam Farmer (Paul Delmonte).

This novel opens up to a scene in which Farmer is biking in “Monument” (a fictional town), Massachusetts. He is going to visit is father who lives in Rutterburg, Vermont. The story is a complex fusion of transcripts of tapes between a “subject” (Adam) and Brint. The subject has to undergo psychotherapy. It is later revealed that Adam was actually Paul Delmonte from a small town in New York. His father, a reporter, had enrolled in a Witness Protection Program. The family was forced to move to Monument after several close calls.

However, the parents are inevitably killed. There is an insinuation that the agents in the WPP had actually killed the family and whenever the son is interrogated about this, he is unable to handle it. In the end, Brint authorises the murder of the protagonist.

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