I Am Not your Perfect Mexican Daughter Background

I Am Not your Perfect Mexican Daughter Background

Written by Chicago-born author Erika L. Sánchez, I Am Not your Perfect Mexican Daughter (published in 2017) tells the story about a girl named Julia who is completely different than her sister, Olga. When there is a tragic accident, the mother decides to blame it on Julia. Since nobody acknowledges that Julia is destroyed by the accident and feels broken, she has to find a way to cope with the loss of her sister. After the accident, Julia started to realize that her sister was not as perfect as she thought. Like Julia, she had her demons. With the help of her friend Lorena, she starts to dig into Olga life and uncover her past.

When it was released I Am Not your Perfect Mexican Daughter was widely acclaimed. Kirkus Reviews, for example, loved the book, saying that "This gritty contemporary novel about an unlikable first-generation Mexican-American teen fails to deliver as a coming-of-age..." Although Publishers Weekly liked the book, they were less kind than Kirkus Reviews, remarking that "Julia is a sympathetic character, but Sánchez’s often expository writing keeps her and her struggles at arm’s length."

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