Hunger Irony

Hunger Irony

Importance of the pencil

When the main character pawns his jacket he forgets a stump of pencil in the pocket. As he has no other pencil he has to get it back. Being rather presumptuous he does not want to look ridiculous, and says the pawnbroker that this pencil was very significant for him, as he says: “this stump of pencil had simply made me what I was in the world, so to say, placed me in life”, and it is the only reason he is so “desirous of having the little bit of pencil back again”. The pawnbroker seems to understand and even shows some respect towards the client, but it is only done so not to offense his feelings. It is obvious that a person who has some position would not pawn a jacket. Ironic is that the main hero resists to accept that, he puts so much significance upon himself that is simply looks ridiculous.

God has his time for sufferers

During one of his wanders the narrator decides to visit a pastor in hope of a shelter and some food, but when he come the pastor turns out to be out, and besides there are office hours for visits. "I had knocked at the door an hour too late. The time of grace was over”. The very fact that people looking for compassion and help in church and pastor, who is a representative of God among people, provokes a feeling of bitter unfairness of the society. One has to come at appointed hours to talk to God.

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