Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet Characters

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet Character List

Young Henry

Young Henry lives in Chinatown with his traditionalist father and caring mother. He constantly battles the mixture of ideas that enter his life. Falling in love with Keiko, he is formed to become a better person. Young Henry is representative of the coming of age chapter of all human lives.

Older Henry

Older Henry is the reflecting character through which the story is told. He is a model of the lessons learned from the war. Carrying traits of Keiko and his father, Henry navigates the world with these lessons to better himself and his family.


Keiko is the Japanese-American girl with whom Henry falls in love. Keiko is a symbol of strength and perseverance; she is pivotal as one of the few female characters in the novel.


Henry's son, Marty, represents the foil with which Henry must contrast himself and build himself. Marty and his father Henry have many battles, but through the reflection act, both come to grow as people. Marty is newly engaged to his fiance Samantha.


Marty's Fiance


Ethel is the wife of Henry who, by the time the novel takes place, has passed away.


Sheldon is the African American mentor of Henry. Sheldon plays the saxophone extremely well. Sheldon represents the wise sage in the quest form of the novel.

Mrs. Beatty

Mrs. Beatty is the lunch lady who acts as a protector to both Keiko and Henry. Working at Rainer, Mrs. Beatty encounters Henry and Keiko in their scholarship tasks.

Chaz Preston

Chaz Preston, Henry's foe, symbolizes the danger of nationalism and prejudice in the novel. He often terrorizes both his neighborhood and Keiko and Henry.

Mr. Okabe

Keiko's father and the voice of reason and patriotism in the novel.

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