Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits Background

Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits Background

Writing is a creative process which allows novelists to write about events and places they know nothing about. However, personal experiences might turn out to be very useful. For instance, Lalami Laila’s background helps her to create one of the best modern literary works on immigration, its reasons and unknown dangerous. In spite of the fact that she hasn’t ever tried to cross the border illegally, the author is well aware of the problems her compatriots have to face on the daily basis.

Lalami understands the reasons which drive people from their homes to different states, for she herself decided to not come back. Hope and other dangerous pursuits is beautifully written, the unique atmosphere of Morocco is well-preserved, so readers can vividly imagine every scene. The novel is the writer’s first book. It received wide critical acclaim for an unusual narrative structure and “freshness,” for it lacks that typical sense of nostalgia that makes the majority of immigrants’ stories look alike. A young global leader, a title is given to her by the World Economic Forum, received Pulitzer Prize for her third book. This is one more reason to get acquainted with the first work of the author who is rightfully praised so highly.

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