Camp Green Lake is located on a dried-up lake in the U.S. state of Texas.[4] The area is not green and there is no lake, besides the fact that there is such a little amount of shade (two oak trees) which are owned by the Warden. Camp Green Lake is a parched barren place with the scorching sun above them with hardly any clouds, so the sun is always shining, making the environment much hotter. Camp Green Lake is a juvenile detention center, where inmates spend most of their time digging holes. The majority of the book takes place between the past and present. Protagonists deal with flashbacks existing from pre-dried up Green Lake to Latvia (mid-1800s) back to modern day Camp Green Lake. The town of Green Lake was named for the eponymous lake which also made it a prosperous town, but the townsfolk's murder of Sam curses the town with an eternal drought causing the lake to dry up.

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