History of Rome Background

History of Rome Background

The History of Rome (also known as the Compendium of Roman History) was written by Velleius Paterculus, a soldier and historian. It was published during 1924 by Harvard University Press. This written work is a summary of Rome's history between the demise of Troy to the first empress lady Livia's death during 29 CE. It consists of interesting essays on Roman colonies as well as provinces. Furthermore, readers can explore his practical character portrayals. The great accomplishments of the first Roman emperor Augustus are the essence of this book.

As a Roman soldier under the authority of emperor Augustus, Paterculus was able to provide deep insight into what the emperor was like, which makes it an attractive read. It was so attractive that it was reproduced many times, with the best kept copy engraved on the temple walls of Augustus at Ancyra (Ankara). Despite how interesting the History of Rome is, Paterculus does display some bias in favor of the imperial family, in addition to not providing enough creative investigation.

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