His Last Bow Quotes


“We live in an age of utilitarianism. Honor is the medieval concept.”

Fon Bork

The author shows priorities of that time. We see, that people are ready to betray their Homeland for money, they deny from it having smelt some danger for themselves. This phrase makes a kind of conclusion to such reality, to its reasons. And, what is important, we live, unfortunately, in the same age nowadays. We live our lives, always waiting for some benefit from anybody and anything, and often forgetting about some moral principles and values, about our honor.

“…The picture of Britain: self-absorbed and drowses complacently.”

Fon Herling

The author shows us the core of Britain, its conservatism, insularity. We often meet such moments in the story, when these traits are the main ones in the heroes’ characters (Von Bork, Altamont (if not to know him as Sherlock Holmes) etc). What’s worthwhile, Britain hasn’t changed since that time. We see it as a country of immutable rules nowadays as well.

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