His Girl Friday

His Girl Friday Glossary

coal mine

A method for excavating coal from the earth

Atlantic City

A town in New Jersey known for its beaches and its boardwalks, as well as its longstanding gambling tradition

"Till death do us part"

A phrase taken from the marriage liturgy portion of The Book of Common Prayer

Jumping Jehosaphat

An idiom taken from The Headless Horseman (and originally, the Holy Bible) to express alarm.


Go away


A fictional character from a George Du Maurier novel, who exploits a young girl


An island in the Caribbean

errand boy

A boy on a ship designated to make deliveries and run errands

"Take the wind out of my sails"

Thwart or discourage


A model of excellence


derogatory term for a black person

certified check

A check that has been verified by the bank


A gambling dice game

The Red Army

The Russian Communist army


A box used as a make-it-yourself platform for an amateur public speaker


A fixed yearly income


charging a public government figure with corruption or misconduct

Livingstone and Stanley

Stanley was a Welsh journalist who found the Scottish missionary Livingstone in Africa

ward heeler

An assistant on a political campaign who canvasses votes and does low-level tasks


seize ownership of