Herzog Glossary

"broken-down monarch"

The way Moses sees himself. Regality is a quality Moses notes in many people, implying his crushing sense of inferiority.


Used to describe nature; represents Moses' stifled need to face himself.


Used to refer to Madeleine throughout the book; represents Herzog's self-victimization and his fear of strong women


Moses' friend Lucas Asphalter loses a beloved monkey to tuberculosis. Following his spurning by Madeleine, Herzog also compares himself to "a chimpanzee" in his helplessness. The monkey in Herzog seems, ironically, to represent vulnerability and humanity.

"potato love"

Moses' term for human affection.

"Reality Instructor"

Simpkin and others.

"Romanticism and Christianity"

The title of the book Moses tries to complete in the country house. Both words are important terms. Madeleine converts to Christianity, to Moses' dismay, for a brief while; the word therefore represents her obsessive nature. Moses, a crushed Romantic, must mingle his nature with hers. The fact that he cannot complete the second volume of the book while married to Madeleine reflects their fatal incompatibility.