Hedda Gabler

Hedda Gabler Glossary

Falk Villa

A home that Hedda admired, and that Tesman eventually bought for her. When the play opens, the couple has just moved into the Falk Villa, even though it is too expensive for them to maintain.


Jealous. Tesman uses the word in reference to how his friends feel about him having landed Hedda as his wife.


A much-admired book; a "hit". Lovborg says that he deliberately crafted a potboiler by not writing a single word that would be disagreed with.


A down payment on a house. In order to pay the security for the Falk Villa, Aunt Julia mortgaged her annuities.


A lawyer (such as Mrs. Elvsted's husband).

triangular relationship

A relationship between three people that may or may not include sexual elements, but in this context certainly involves mental stimulation. Brack suggests that Hedda and Tesman allow him to enter their intimate circle so that he can provide Hedda with the conversation that she so desperately years for.

vine leaves

When Hedda says that Lovborg will return from Brack's party with vine leaves in his hair, she means only that he will return inebriated. Vine leaves are an ancient Greek symbol of Dionysian hedonism.