He Knew He Was Right Characters

He Knew He Was Right Character List

Louis Trevelyan

A young landowner who is married to Emily Trevelyan. He is extremely jealous of Colonel Osborne, so he asks his wife to discharge Osborne and when she doesn't agree to, he goes mad.

Emily Trevelyan

Louis Trevelyan’s wife and Sir Marmaduke Rowley’s daughter. She doesn’t agree with her husband when he asks her to discharge Osborne causing him to go mad. She is also Louey’s mother.

Sir Marmaduke Rowley

A wealthy governor of the Mandarin Islands. He is a father of eight daughters, including the eldest, Emily Trevelyan. He is married to Lady Rowley.

Lady Rowley

Sir Marmaduke Rowley’s wife and a mother of eight girls.

Nora Rowley

Sir Marmaduke Rowley’s second daughter and Emily’s sister. She chose Hugh Stanbury’s love over the riches.

Colonel Osborne

Sir Marmaduke Rowley’s friend and Emily’s godfather. He is extremely interested in his friends’ wives.

Hugh Stanbury

A journalist who works for the Daily Record. He is Louis Trevelyan’s friend and Nora Rowley’s husband.

Dorothy Stanbury

Hugh Stanbury’s sister and Brooke Burgess’s wife.

Thomas Gibson

A minor canon at the Cathedral and Arabella French’s husband. His love affairs are very deeply described.

Brooke Burgess

A member of the Burgess banking family. Dorothy Stanbury’s husband.

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