Gone Girl

Gone Girl Imagery

Nick and Amy's First Kiss

Nick and Amy have their first kiss on a New York street as a truck full of powdered sugar is being delivered. The scene is described with visual, tactile, and taste-related imagery, creating a vivid impression of the moment. The use of imagery plays an important role because it shows that there was a time when Nick and Amy were happy together. However, later on, this kiss will be paralleled by Nick's first kiss with Andie, which takes place in a snowstorm and therefore echoes this imagery. Even the moments that seem the sweetest between the couple are undermined in a subtle way.

Amy's Outfit on the Day She Seduces Desi

Amy very carefully plans her appearance on the day she seduces Desi. Her outfit and makeup all create the image of innocence, delicacy, and traditional femininity, such as with the color pink and subtle, tasteful make-up. This imagery conveys how fully Amy immerses herself in lies and performances. She knows that in order to control Desi, she needs to pretend to be the kind of woman he wants and the imagery reveals how fully she embodies this ideal.

Amy Cutting Herself

When Amy reveals how she orchestrated her plan, she describes cutting herself using graphic imagery of blood and pain. The vivid imagery is important because it makes this act even more shocking. It indicates just how much steely self-control Amy has in order to be able to do that to herself. The imagery of the blood and the piercing also foreshadows the way in which Amy will later kill Desi.

Desi's Mansion

When Nick goes to St. Louis to question Desi, he is struck by the beautiful and luxurious mansion Desi lives in. Images of elegance and luxury are used to describe the lifestyle Desi leads. This imagery is important because it impresses Nick, and makes him less suspicious of Desi. Nick falsely assumes someone who wears elegant clothes and lives in a beautiful house will not be mentally disturbed. This imagery shows how even Nick can be seduced by external appearances and not see past it to the truth.