Going to Meet the Man Background

Going to Meet the Man Background

Going to Meet the Man” is a short story written by James Baldwin in 1965. It was included to the short stories collection of the same name and the main theme of which reveals the problems of anti-Black racism in America. The theme of racism is overarching: secondary themes such as family relationships, childhood, crimes and justice, violence and lynching can be united under the main theme of racism.

Other stories that are included in the collection are “The Rockpile”, “The Outing”, “The Man Child”, “Previous Condition”, and others.

James Baldwin is often considered an indisputable master of prose, and readers consider him to be a harrowing author, as these stories are astonishingly devastating. “Going to Meet the Man” is particularly breathtaking; the horror of human nature is described in vivid details and cannot leave a reader unconcerned.

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