Girl Interrupted Background

Girl Interrupted Background

A pathbreaking American psychological drama film, Girl, Interrupted (1999) is a movie that is loosely based on Susanna Kaysen’s memoir with the same name. This film is essentially about the seminal moments in the life of Kaysen’s 18 month stay in a mental institution.

This movie was directed by James Mangold and produced by Douglas Wick and Cathy Konrad. The protagonist in this movie is played by Winona Ryder; there is a vast and exceptional supporting cast that has made this one of the most phenomenal movies of recent times.

This is one of the first movies to deal with the idea of mental illness with unabashed candour and expose the hypocrisy of society in the way it deals with mental illnesses. A startling example of this is that when this story was set, homosexuality was a mental illness and this is dealt with in the film.

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